Wednesday Mornings

This Bible study  “No Other Gods” will begin Wednesday mornings, September 13. 

We will be studying "No Other Gods - the Unrivaled Pursuit of Christ" by Kelly Minter. 

Please join us as we learn to identify the gods we may be unknowingly serving and how to dethrone these modern-day idols and be set free for the more abundant life Jesus gives.

Bible study will be held weekly on Wednesdays, at 9:30 am. There is childcare available. The study book is either $15.00 with no video access or $20 with video access. *We will be watching the videos as a group, but the book with video access will allow you to watch it if you miss a meeting or want to view it again. 

Please contact Barb Bergsma with any questions. 

616-856-0108 or

Wednesday Evenings

This Bible study  "How to find Jesus in the Old Testament" will begin Wednesday evenings, September 13 at 7:00 pm. 

No study book is required, just bring a Bible and a notebook. 

Childcare will NOT be available. 

Please contact Cindy Young with any questions.
616-915-4339 or