Wednesday Mornings

This Bible study  “What Love Is” will begin Wednesday mornings, January 10. 

The Letters of 1, 2, & 3 John were written to encourage followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the truth. Believers are challenged to look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth versus lies and deception, loving God more than loving the world, and the meaning of true fellowship and community rather than shallowness.

Bible study will be held weekly on Wednesdays, at 9:30 am. There is childcare available. The study book is either $15.00 with no video access or $20 with video access. *We will be watching the videos as a group, but the book with video access will allow you to watch it if you miss a meeting or want to view it again. 

Please contact Barb Bergsma with any questions. 

616-856-0108 or

Wednesday Evenings

This Bible study  "How to find Jesus in the Old Testament" will begin Wednesday evenings, September 13 at 7:00 pm. 

No study book is required, just bring a Bible and a notebook. 

Childcare will NOT be available. 

Please contact Cindy Young with any questions.
616-915-4339 or