PDF version of our Prayer Team Guidelines

There are many benefits of being involved in a local body of believers.

1. Close fellowship of believers you know, trust and rely on. It’s only truly possible to share and trust those you are in honest relationship with.

2. The opportunity to minister (input) into the lives of those you worship with. 1Thes.5:12 tells us that it is important to know those who minister among you.

3. Spiritual covering, discernment and discipline of the church elders who know and care for the welfare of your soul. (Heb. 13:17)

4. At GCF there is the added benefit of utilizing our email prayer team. The purpose of the GCF prayer team is both to inform members of urgent prayer requests (that concern or touch our local body) as well as to unite in prayer for them. This is a very important ministry at GCF, and we take it very seriously. Many people stop everything they’re doing to intercede for these urgent needs.

The following are the guidelines for submitting requests to the prayer team.

    1. Requests should come from those who are attending GCF or who are affiliated in some capacity.
    2. Requests should not disclose personal information that uncover (or expose) or that make a judgment of others. (Request of this nature should be discussed with an elder)
    3. Be concise in your request, right to the point, avoid giving too many details (God understands the details; all we need to do is come to Him in faith.)
    4. Prayer requests should not be frivolous; it should be urgent. (Like a serious illness or accident, not a slight headache.) You should personally take everything to God in prayer but do not take everything to the GCF prayer team. It is very important to have Christian friends you can pray with about the smaller day to day struggles we all have. If you do not have these kinds of relationships, we exhort you to get connected by joining a Life-group or invite someone over.
    5. You should not be asking for things like money or jobs, since they are not emergencies. Ongoing daily needs should be dealt with by seeking the counsel of the leadership.
    6. Do not give out the phone numbers or emails to those outside of our fellowship.
    7. Confidentiality is essential! Be discreet with the request; do not divulge privileged information with others. It is only shared for you to talk to God about, not others. Gossip is a very destructive tool of the enemy!

We want everyone at GCF to be aware of the vital ministry of prayer at our church.

If you would like to be added to the GCF prayer team send an email to: prayerteam@gcfchurch.net in the subject line write “Please add me”.

To send a prayer request use this same email address and in the subject line write a BRIEF description of the prayer request. Use the body of the email to give any additional and necessary information regarding the request. If email is not available, call the church secretary at 616-805-2693 and leave the message.

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