Sunday Morning Adult Classes

The Sunday morning adult classes meet upstairs before the morning worship service from 9:00-9:45 am.

Teacher / Facilitator: Vince Inosencio

'Our Challenging Confrontation’ is a study designed to help Believers tackle the tough issues of today like…

  • Bring the Born-Again believer in synchronization with God’s Word when it comes to dealing with today’s conflicts with pure Scriptural Doctrines.
  • Reveal God’s viewpoint through the scriptures, when it comes to His expectations for new believers in Jesus Christ.
  • Teach what to say to those who believe a lifestyle contrary to God’s Word with specific scriptural accuracy.
  • Reveal how God’s Pure Word is still relevant in today’s culture, and why.

Time: This study begins March 29 and is a ten week series.

Where: The class is held in the upper level of church - Georgetown Christian Fellowship, 3668 Port Sheldon St,, Hudsonville, MI.

If you are interested, you are welcome to join us!

There are sign-up sheets for this study on the table in the GCF church lobby.