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2019 Mission Trip

Updates from Pastor Calvin...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

When you are "Abounding in Love" you will be filled with compassion, and compassion is the motivation for all true ministry!

~Pastor Calvin

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Hello from the Philippines! I hope you're all having a wonderful day.

As you look in the mirror today, appreciate the beautiful smile God has given you.

I'm now in the Philippines on a mission trip working with children with the birth defect of cleft lip which affects their smile in more ways than one. Arlen VanOs and I, as well as the team from Abounding In Love, have been meeting with the children and parents that Abounding In Love has found in the Philippines who need corrective surgery for this. We have arranged transportation and scheduled these corrective surgeries for 62 young children in the big city of Cebu. And today the operations have begun.

Please pray for good success for these surgeries so that soon these BEAUTIFUL children will too be able to look in the mirror and smile and see the beautiful smile God has given them.

I do not have Internet access all the time but that is ok, I still have a very good connection to my Heavenly Father. I pray that today He blesses you with a spirit of joy and gratitude and renewed compassion for the less fortunate.

Today I will be sitting with these families as they await the surgeries. I will be with my guitar and harmonica, playing comforting songs and of course praying for and drawing pictures for the kids.

~Pastor Calvin

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Greetings from the Philippines!

I've already had many wonderful divine encounters with whom I was able to share the love of Jesus. I had a lengthy connecting flight in Korea, and I saw a grand piano on a stage in the center of the airport that no one was playing. I asked if it was permissible for me to play it. They said yes, so I played some worship songs and people came around and listened and took videos. When I stopped they asked me to keep playing. I never want to miss an opportunity, so I took out my sketch pad and started drawing for some of the little kids. I didn't understand their language but I understood their smiles. I wrote our church website on the back of the pictures, which the mother said she wanted to look up.

In the Philippines, I met with Pastor Freeman, who is the pastor we will be supporting at Abounding In Love as he ministers to the young people in that community. He is very gifted in music and knowledgeable in the Word. I had a good chance to talk with him and went with him to the local church he has been attending. I had a meeting with the pastor and will be preaching there next week.

Please pray for me as I prepare to preach and as we minister in the community during the week.

~Pastor Calvin

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It would be a great blessing if you would pray for me the next couple weeks. I will be ministering in the Philippines with Arlen and the team from Abounding In Love.

Abounding in Love’s primary mission is to facilitate cleft lip and cleft palate repairs in the Philippines. Other wonderful organizations provide the actual surgeries for free, but many Filipinos still cannot afford to receive them due to other expenses.

Myself (Pastor Calvin) and Arlen VanOs (director of Abounding in Love) are going to the Philippines on September 20 to help out with the Rotaplast mission. We hope to bring at least 50 children for cleft surgery. When you watch the parents cry tears of joy seeing their children come out of surgery with a new and beautiful face, it changes you for life.

I will be returning on October 1 while Arlen will be continuing on for some time.

The first part of the trip we will be with working with the families as they stage for the surgeries these children will be having to repair their birth defects. I will be bringing encouragement to these families using the gifts God has given me - drawing sketches in my sketch book for the kids, playing my guitar and harmonica, singing songs about Jesus, and of course praying for these precious little ones and their mothers as they face these life altering surgeries.

The second half of the trip I will be ministering in various parts of the Philippines, encouraging the ministry team of Abounding in Love.

But of course there will be many opportunities to minister in music and share my faith whenever I go, in the airports and along the way.

The love of God cannot be contained in the hearts of those who have been touched by Christ. Please pray for Arlen and I for protection and guidance as we go on this mission of mercy.

~Pastor Calvin