Gary & Darcy De La Porte

Gary and Darcie have been ministering in Brisbane, Australia since 1996/97 with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Darcie is from Wyoming, Michigan and Gary is from Johannesburg, South Africa. YWAM Brisbane has a number of ministries which we are apart of involving Evangelism (running evangelistic outreaches in local schools, country town communities and tourist locations around our region), Mercy Ministries (providing emergency disaster relief and some amounts of community development overseas) and Training (equipping young people in basic discipleship and leadership for Christian ministry). We also assist in planting ministries in our target locations overseas.

Gary is a part of a ministry called RescueNet. This is a disaster relief ministry that responds to a natural or manmade disaster to provide immediate relief and rescue to the victims.  Typical type of work includes medical relief, search and rescue, food distribution, caring for the families of victims, etc. When not on a mission, Gary is the Computer Administrator and the Fleet Manager at YWAM Brisbane, looking after these bits of property to keep them all in running order and to keep the ministry running smoothly.


Darcie is the Academic Advisor for our training and also serves as an elder. She oversees all training schools run through YWAM Brisbane, to make sure they are running effectively and legally. She is involved in developing and strategizing new ways to run our training programs to make the maximum impact on our overseas students. She facilitates leadership, staff and discipleship training, and workshops to prepare young people for Christian ministry and missions. She also works with management of the YWAM centre.


Together we are involved in ministry in Malaysia where our heart is in the long term. We seek to resource the YWAM Centre there to help them with their ministry endeavors by sending small ministry teams, raising awareness and going there ourselves on occasion to teach and help out practically.


To find out more about us, please go to:  www.garyanddarcie.com

Gary & Darcy De La Porte
671 Samford Rd
Mitchelton, Qld 4053

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