Leon & Audry DeHaan

In April of 1992, Leon & Audrey De Haan returned to West Michigan from Latvia and began a journey to establish a ministry that would minister to youth leaders and youth around the world.  That ministry was called Global Youth Ministries.  For over twelve years that ministry has reached out from the United States to Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America.  They have taught thousands of youth leaders how to reach the youth of their countries. 


In early 2005, the name of their ministry was changed to Thrive Ministries International.  The name has changed but their vision remains the same.  That vision is to see people, churches, and other ministries thrive and reach their full potential in the Kingdom of God.  Thrive Ministries has joined hands with other ministries around the world for the purpose of linking the people of God together so that all of them can thrive. 


Leon and Audrey live in West Michigan with their two children, Andrew and Amy.  They minister both internationally and in the United States to youth, parents, pastors and youth leaders.  For more information about their ministry, you can reach them at their web site which is www.thrivemin.org.

Leon & Audry DeHaan
Global Youth Ministries
5575 Estate Rd
Allendale, MI  49401

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