Peace will Guard the Nation  (By Calvin Bergsma)                      More Things To Consider

Verse 1 --------------------------------------------------------

Peace will guard the nation, who’s God is the Lord
It will grace everything they put their hand to do
And the light God will point the way
for those who seek righteousness
and nothing will be impossible to them.

Chorus ---------------------------------------------

If it was true “God had His favorites”
It would be those that seek his face
But we all could be his favorites
‘cause there is plenty of His grace
If you want to be a child
who the Father would be proud of
You must do the things that touch His heart
You must mend together not break apart
With His love.

Verse 2 --------------------------------------------------------

If you’re one of the millions, who long for the perfect race
Where pain and poverty would be erased
The answers wouldn’t be found in man
His heart’s an open grave.
Jesus is the one with the words of life
We should follow the example He gave.

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