When I Talk to God   By Calvin Bergsma

When I talk to God in Heaven
The distance between us fades
When I speak with the one who made me
The creator affirms... what He's Made

Everything else becomes... just a memory
Every concern... not so bad
Every delay... but a moment
When I talk to my Heavenly Dad.

In the time that it takes to look up
He shows me a whole different view
I am there in my father's presence
He's listening... and says "I love you"

The stress of the moment is abated
The need of my soul is supplied
The peace that He offers... He gives me
When I talk to my Dad in the sky

Why do I find myself waiting?
Why do often delay?
Why do I struggle... to go it alone
When I could just stop and pray

All that you need, He will give you
The purpose for living, make clear
When you stop what you're doing
Speak from your heart
The God who made you will hear

The God who loves you is near

He's waiting to listen, don't fear

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