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Georgetown Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a friendly, loving full gospel church that believes that Jesus Christ has the answers for problems we face in the world today. We invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10:00am as we worship God with our voices and instruments  (contemporary style praise) and hear personal testimony and teaching from the Word of God.

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Insightful Christian messages - Video - MP3 - from Georgetown Christian Fellowship - A friendly and loving non-denominational church located about a mile north of Hudsonville, Michigan at the S.W. corner of 36th Street and Port Sheldon Avenue:

Calvin Bergsma
05-29-16  WHAT IS TRUTH? Calvin Bergsma
rd in a series 'LESSONS IN LIVING'
Calvin Bergsma
  Ressurection Power
Calvin Bergsma
03-20-16 THE LORD IS MY SHEPHARD Keith Hoffman
nd in a series 'LESSONS IN LIVING'
Calvin Bergsma
in a series 'LESSONS IN LIVING'
Calvin Bergsma
02-22-16  LIVING IN THE 3RD PERSON  (The Holy Spirit - power to change)
in a series
Calvin Bergsma
02-14-16  LIVING IN THE 3RD PERSON  (The need for self-examination)
in a series
Calvin Bergsma
01-24-16  LIVING WITH A SECRET Calvin Bergsma
12-20-15 DRAWN BY THE LIGHT Calvin Bergsma
8th in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
Calvin Bergsma
7th in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
Calvin Bergsma
6th in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
Calvin Bergsma
5th in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
Calvin Bergsma
    4th in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
 Calvin Bergsma
    3rd in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
 Calvin Bergsma
    2nd in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
 Calvin Bergsma
    1st in the series on "THE BEATITUDES"
 Calvin Bergsma
10-04-15  Rewards:  God's Incentive Package  Jesse Meerman
09-27-15  TAKING EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE   Calvin Bergsma
09-20-15  WHAT IS YOUR WORLD VIEW   Calvin Bergsma
09-13-15 God In A Box   Tim Hall 
2nd of series "the Motivations of Faith, Hope & Love
Calvin Bergsma
2nd of series "the Motivations of Faith, Hope & Love"
Calvin Bergsma
08-09-15 BEGIN WITH HOPE  
st of series "the Motivations of Faith, Hope & Love
Calvin Bergsma
06-26-15  What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?
  1st in the series “The Church and Homosexuality”
 David Whiting
  2nd in the series “The Church and Homosexuality”
 David Whiting
  3rd in the series “The Church and Homosexuality”
 David Whiting
    4th and final in the series “The Church and Homosexuality”
 David Whiting
06-24-15 Know Your Enemy    (Part 2) Calvin Bergsma
06-23-15 Do Not Be Deceived (Part 1) Calvin Bergsma
06-21-15 Loving Father              Keith Hoffman 
06-07-15 KINGDOM METRICS Calvin Bergsma
05-31-15 Bullseye Doctrine Tim Hall
05-24-15 Living Beyond Black And White Calvin Bergsma
05-10-15 Suffer the Little Ones to Come unto Me! Calvin Bergsma
04-26-15 12 Years -12 Hours Calvin Bergsma
04-12-15 Drawn By Love Calvin Bergsma
04-05-15 Resurrection Power  Calvin Bergsma
03-29-15 What Is A Christian?  Andrew Leach
03-22-15 DELIVERANCE (Practical Tactical Warfare)    (Pt 5 of 5 - Spiritual Warfare) Calvin Bergsma
03-15-15 Offensive Spiritual Weapons    (Pt 4 of 5 - Spiritual Warfare) Calvin Bergsma
03-08-15  Baptism In The Holy Spirit        (Waiting For The Gift)  Tim Hall 
03-01-15  Grace  Jesse Meerman
02-22-15 Spiritual Defensive Weapons   (Pt 3 of 5 - Spiritual Warfare) Calvin Bergsma
02-15-15  Know Your Enemy                      (Pt 2 of 5 - Spiritual Warfare)  Calvin Bergsma
02-08-15  Do Not Be Deceived                   (Pt 1 of 5 - Spiritual Warfare) Calvin Bergsma
02-01-15  Western Michigan Teen Challenge 
01-25-15  The Search  Andrew Leach 
01-18-15  It Isn't Fair  Calvin Bergsma
01-04-15  Uncertainty  Tim Hall 
12-28-14  What Are You Hoping For?  Keith Hoffman 
12-21-14  God With Us - Emmanuel Calvin Bergsma
12-14-14  The Messy Path To Perfection  Calvin Bergsma
12-07-14  Where Have All The Pharisees Gone?  Andrew Leach 
11-30-14  Thanksgiving Leftovers  Calvin Bergsma
11-23-14  Family  Andrew Leach
11-16-14  Building To Last Calvin Bergsma
11-02-14 The Love Of God Andrew Leach
10-26-14 Maturing Love Calvin Bergsma
10-19-14 Focus On The Answer Calvin Bergsma
09-14-14 How We Learn And Grow Spiritually Calvin Bergsma
08-24-14 Holding On To The Invisible Calvin Bergsma
08-10-14 God's Faithfulness Tim Hall
07-20-14 God's Serendipitous Guidance Calvin Bergsma
07-15-14 Tapping the Joy of Salvation Calvin Bergsma
07-13-14 Awesome Church Testimonies Testimony Sunday
06-29-14 The Sheep Of His Pasture Jesse Meerman
06-22-14 Are You Appealing? Calvin Bergsma
06-15-14 A Call To Fathers Calvin Bergsma
06-08-14 Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart Andrew Leach
06-01-14 Roadblocks To Relationships Calvin Bergsma
05-25-14 The Cost of Freedom Calvin Bergsma
05-18-14 The Choice is Yours Tim Hall
05-11-14 Dedicating Our Children To God Calvin Bergsma
05-04-14 WAITING... For What Was Promised Calvin Bergsma
04-27-14 MANIFEST DESTINY - Knowing God's Plan for Your Life Tim Hall
04-20-14  Because He Lives! Keith Hoffman
04-13-14 Do You Recognize Your Deliverer? Calvin Bergsma
04-06-14 The Dispensation of Grace Andrew Leach
03-30-14  "Your Identity" is it in Christ or in Crisis? Calvin Bergsma
03-23-14  The Blessings Of Unity Calvin Bergsma
03-16-14  Take Heed (Of Idolatry)  Jesse Meerman
03-09-14  Sin, Death, Deliverance  Andrew Leach
03-02-14  The Power Of Magnification  Calvin Bergsma
02-23-14  Readiness For...  Tim Hall
02-16-14  Our Plans - God's Plans  Calvin Bergsma
01-25-14 The Safest Place  Calvin Bergsma
01-19-14 Coveting Tim Hall
01-12-14 Discerning God From Evil - Spiritual Maturity - Part 4 of 4 Calvin Bergsma
01-05-14  Identity Crisis Andrew Leach
12-25-13 The Christmas Invitation Calvin Bergsma
12-09-13 Eating Your Age - Spiritual Maturity - Part 3 of 4 Calvin Bergsma
11-25-13 Not Being Easily Offended - Spiritual Maturity - Part 2 of 4 Calvin Bergsma
11-20-13 Growing Up In God - Spiritual Maturity - Part 1 of 4 Calvin Bergsma
11-15-13 Convicted Christians Andrew Leach
11-12-13 False Witness - True Testimony Tim Hall
10-20-13 Being Saved Calvin Bergsma
10-13-13 The Bride Of Christ Jesse Meerman
08-18-13 Partaking Of The Divine Nature Calvin Bergsma
08-11-13 How To Do What We Were Called To Do Calvin Bergsma
08-04-13 A Full And Blessed Life: How To Be Successful Andrew Leach
07-28-13 Do You Need Church? Tim Hall
07-21-13 "Take Heart!  I Am Praying For You." Keith Hoffman
06-30-13 Evidence That makes The Invisible Visible Calvin Bergsma
06-23-13 "REALLY LIVING" By Faith Calvin Bergsma
06-02-13 Authority Requires Taking Responsibility Calvin Bergsma
05-19-13 Living In The Death Of Christ Andrew Leach
05-12-13 I Have No Greater Joy Than To Hear My Children Are Walking In Truth Calvin Bergsma
04-28-13 It's Your Choice... Victim Or Victor? Calvin Bergsma
04-17-13 Avoid Satan's Trap Calvin Bergsma
03-31-13 The Personal Impact Of Christ's Resurrection Calvin Bergsma
03-26-13 Heaven's Horticulture Calvin Bergsma
03-17-13 All Authority Andrew Leach
02-30-13 Faith ... Brings Hope To Life  
02-24-13 Testimony Time Congregation
02-10-13 The Bread Of Adversity Calvin Bergsma
02-03-13  Western Michigan Teen Challenge
01-27-13 Progressing In Life - Traction Or Distraction? Calvin Bergsma
01-20-13 Our Motivations - From A Rod To A Scepter Calvin Bergsma
01-13-12 World's Last Night Jesse Meerman
01/06/13 Aliens In This World Calvin Bergsma
12/30/12 The Call To Ministry  Andrew Leach
12/23/12 Christmas Journeys  Calvin Bergsma
12/16/12 Trust ... The Evidence Of Faith Calvin Bergsma
12/09/12 Introduction To Our Heavenly Father Tim Hall
12/03/12 My First Black Friday Experience! Andrew Leach
11/25/12 The Lessons Of Waiting Calvin Bergsma
11/18/12 Reasons For Visiting The Past Calvin Bergsma
11/11/12 Grieving With Hope  Keith Hoffman
10/28/12 COMPASSION "The Motivation for Ministry" Calvin Bergsma
10/21/12 Living In The Center Of God's Will Andrew Leach
10/14/12 Ministry: Do You See Your Neighbor?   Calvin Bergsma
10/07/12 WHO Is In Control? Calvin Bergsma
09/30/12 The Name Of God Jesse Meerman
09/23/12 Choices That Affect Our Sleep Calvin Bergsma
09/16/12 The Power Of Music - The Song Of Our Lives Calvin Bergsma
09/09/12 God's Spoken Word (Connecting it with God's WRITTEN Word) Jesse Meerman
09/02/12 Real Life Testimonies (From People At Georgetown Christian Fellowship)  
08/26/12 The Power Of Praise In Worship Calvin Bergsma
08/19/12 Worship:  A Way Of Living Calvin Bergsma
08/12/12 The Pull Of Passion Calvin Bergsma
08/05/12 The Blessings Of Obedience Keith Hoffman
07/29/12 What Must I Do To Be Saved? Keith Hoffman
07/22/12 The Perfecting Of Gems Calvin Bergsma
07/15/12 This Life - What Is The Purpose? Andrew Leach
07/01/12 The Need for Nurture Calvin Bergsma
06/24/12 Standing Strong In The Winds Of Adversity Tim Hall
06/17/12 The Father's Love Calvin Bergsma
06/10/12 Four Things To Consider Before Building  Pastor Abraham
06/03/12 Is America Under God's Judgment? Tim Hall
05/20/12 The Fruit Of Humility Calvin Bergsma
05/13/12 The Power Of Kindness, Gentleness & Faithfulnes (5th in the Series) Calvin Bergsma
05/06/12 Spiritual Vision  Andrew Leach
04/29/12 The Temple Of Your Heart  Tim Hall
04/22/12  "LOVE" The 1st of Fruits Of The Spirit (4th in the Series)       (MP3 Audio) Calvin Bergsma
04/15/12 Growing Disciples: You Get What You Plant                           (MP3 Audio) Andrew Leach
04/08/12  "LOVE" the SEED of the Fruit of the Spirit (3rd in the Series)  (MP3 Audio) Calvin Bergsma
04/01/12 The Fruit Of Patience                         (MP3 Audio)       Short Preview Of Message Calvin Bergsma
03/25/12 Riding The Winds Of Change             (MP3 Audio)       Short Preview Of Message Leon DeHaan
03/18/12 A Godly Geneology - "Our Attitudes Have Descendants"  (MP3 Audio)    Short Preview Calvin Bergsma
03/11/12 Am I A Puppet?           (MP3 Audio) Keith Hoffman
03/04/12 God Is In Control        (MP3 Audio) Keith Hoffman
02/26/12 Your Heart Has Eyes      (MP3 Audio) Leon DeHaan
02/19/12 Finding Your Place In The Body Of Christ   (MP3 Audio) Calvin Bergsma
02/12/12 The Fear of The Lord                         (MP3 Audio)         Short Preview Of Message Calvin Bergsma
01/08/12 Being Faithful In Small Things Is HUGE    (MP3 Audio)   Short Preview Of Message Calvin Bergsma
11/11/11 Understanding Personal Space          (MP3 Audio)         Short Preview Of Message Calvin Bergsma
11/27/11 The Headwaters Of Being Thankful    (MP3 Audio)         Short Preview Of Message Calvin Bergsma
11/13/11 Beware Of Spiritual Hypothermia!      (MP3 Audio)         Complete Video Message Andrew Leach
11/6/11 Being Led By The Holy Spirit              (MP3 Audio)         Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
10/30/11 Changing Clothes  - Pt 2 of 2              (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Leon DeHaan
10/23/11 Changing Clothes  - Pt 1 of 2              (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Leon DeHaan
10/16/11 Today Faith                                         (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Tim Hall
10/9/11 Don't Make God Shout                        (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
10/2/11 One Thing You Lack                            (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Keith Hoffman
09/25/11 Coach or Die                                       (MP3 Audio)          Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
09/18/11 Putting God First In All Things Is So Wise!  (MP3 Audio)    Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
09/11/11 Faith In God In These Troubling Times: How Comforting!   (MP3 Audio)   Complete Video                       Jim Bugg
09/04/11 Redeemed For Reward                        (MP3 Audio)         Complete Video Message Tim Hall
08/28/11 Are You One Of The Chosen?  You CAN Be! (MP3 Audio) Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
08/21/11 The Many Faces Of Revival   (MP3 Audio)                        Complete Video Message Jesse Meerman
08/14/11 Extreme Christianity    (MP3 Audio)                                 Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
08/07/11 Stones That Live          (MP3 Audio)                                 Complete Video Message Jesse Meerman
07/31/11 Profiles In Heroism       (MP3 Audio) Tim Hall
07/24/11 Living Free From The Intimidation Of Fear   (MP3 Audio)   Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
07/17/11 Living Outside Of The Spotlight          (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
07/13/11 Lois Bergsma's Memorial Service - What A Celebration!  With Pastors Cal & Doug Bergsma
06/27/11 Beware!  Don't Lose Your Excitement For God!   (MP3)   Complete Video Message Pastor Abraham
06/26/11 What Children Teach Us                     (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
06/19/11 The Believer's Baptism                       (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message Tim Hall
06/12/11 The Holy Spirit - "He Shall Teach You All Things"  (MP3 Audio)    Complete  Message Calvin Bergsma
06/05/11 Lawless Giving                                    (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message Tim Hall
05/29/11 Not My Will, But Thine Be Done          (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message Calvin Bergsma
05/22/11 Because God Created All Things                                       Complete Video Message Keith Hoffman
05/15/11 Healing For The Wounded Spirit         (MP3 Audio)           Complete Video Message  Wilford Dilbert
05/08/11 The Maternal Attributes of God           (MP3 Audio)            Complete Video Message     Calvin Bergsma
05/01/11 Worldview Overview                                                          Complete Video Message Tim Hall
04/24/11 The First Day Of The Weak - Resurrection Celebration               Complete Message Calvin Bergsma
04/17/11 Crucifixion: The Suffering Savior                                       Complete Video Message Tim Hall
04/10/11 A Sobering Tour Of Hell                                                     Complete Video Message Jesse Meerman
04/03/11 A Glorious Tour Of Heaven                                                 Complete Video Message Jesse Meerman
03/27/11 Responsibility And Burden Tim Hall
03/20/11 Do Other People Want The Jesus They See In You? Calvin Bergsma
03/13/11 Chosen! Tim Hall
02/27/11 Who Do You Rely On? Calvin Bergsma
02/20/11 To Judge Or Not To Judge Calvin Bergsma
02/13/11 The Power Of Blessings: "Life In The Tongue" Tim Hall
02/06/11 Western Michigan Teen Challenge Teen Challenge
01/30/11 The Prescription For Emotional Healing Calvin Bergsma
01/23/11 The Power Of The Tongue - Condition Of The Heart Tim Hall
01/16/11 Learning To Lead In Marriage Calvin Bergsma
01/09/11 Learning To Lead As A Parent Calvin Bergsma
01/02/11 Living In The Believer's Rest Jesse Meerman
12/26/10 The Parousia - The Blessed Hope Tim Hall
12/12/10 The Advantage Of A Limp Calvin Bergsma
11/28/10 Renew Your Strength Keith Hoffman
11/21/10 Living Free From Satan's Trap - Part 2 Calvin Bergsma
11/14/10 Avoiding Satan's Trap - Part 1 Calvin Bergsma
11/07/10 Own Your Faith Tim Hall
10/31/10 Relationship Was Always God's Intention Calvin Bergsma
10/24/10 The Healthy Heart Tim Hall
10/17/10 How Big Is Your God? Calvin Bergsma
10/10/10 Exciting Kingdom Moments Tim Hall
10/03/10 Encountering God Tim Hall
09/26/10 The Presence Of The Lord Calvin Bergsma
09/12/10 The Love Of God  - The Suffering Of Man:  How Does That Make Sense? Tim Hall
08/22/10 Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friend Calvin Bergsma
08/15/10 Why We Gather Calvin Bergsma
08/01/10 Borrowing Trouble V's Sowing Peace Tim Hall
07/25/10 Vulnerability:  Tearing Down Those Walls Calvin Bergsma
07/18/10 The Relevance Of Salvation In Today's Culture Tim Hall
07/11/10 Bring Stones From The Water Calvin Bergsma
06/27/10 Generation America - Sobering Tim Hall
06/20/10 Ode To Fathers Jesse Meerman
06/06/10 Understanding The Moment Calvin Bergsma
05/30/10 Wise Insights Into Prayer & Fasting Tim Hall/Jim Clark
05/23/10 Pentecost:  Power From On High Calvin Bergsma
05/16/10 Truth And Deception Tim Hall
05/09/10 It Takes A Miracle To Raise A Child Calvin Bergsma
05/02/10 Deception Jesse Meerman
04/25/10 Living Free From Fear Calvin Bergsma
04/18/10 God Truly Wants To Communicate With Us Keith Hoffman
04/11/10 The First And Last Message Of Jesus Wilford Dilbert
04/04/10 The Response To The Realization Of The Resurrection Calvin Bergsma
03/28/10 The Second Message Of Psalm Sunday Tim Hall
03/21/10 Our Identity In Christ Calvin Bergsma
03/14/10 Putting The Past In It's Place Tim Hall
03/07/10 Enlarge My Heart Oh God Calvin Bergsma
02/28/10 Hospitality Calvin Bergsma
01/21/10 God's Name Is Jealous Tim Hall
02/14/10 Prayer:  The Perquisite To Power Calvin Bergsma
02/07/10 Western Michigan Teen Challenge Phil McClain
01/31/10 How God Views (Unanswered) Pray Keith Hoffman
01/24/10 Stand Up For Jesus Calvin Bergsma
01/17/10 If My People Will Pray ... Calvin Bergsma
01/10/10 Important Issues Concerning Pride And Humility Tim Hall
12/27/09 Is You Faith Built On Fact Or Fiction? Calvin Bergsma
12/20/09 Christmas - Some Interesting Insights Leading Up To It Tim Hall
12/13/09 An Education On Edification Calvin Bergsma
12/06/09 The Original Holidays Of Jesus Tim Hall
11/29/09 Administering Correction In The Body Of Christ Tim Hall
11/22/09 What Kind Of Soil Are You? Calvin Bergsma
11/15/09 Do You Know Where You Live - Part 3 of a series Calvin Bergsma
11/08/09 The Stunning Truth About Hell Tim Hall
11/01/09 Living With Personal Vision - Part 2 of a series Calvin Bergsma
10/25/09 Seeing With The Eyes Of God - Part 1 of a series Calvin Bergsma
10/18/09 Role Models - Idolatry - Sensitivity Tim Hall
09/27/09 Theology Tim Hall
09/20/09 A Little That Is Used Is Better Than A Lot That's Not Calvin Bergsma
09/06/09 How Can I Make Life More Meaningful Tim Hall
08/30/09 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Calvin Bergsma
08/23/09 Having Purpose Tim Hall
08/16/09 Preparing For The Hardest Test Calvin Bergsma
08/09/09 Know Your Purpose - Pursue It Diligently Calvin Bergsma
08/02/09 Things Eternal Tim Hall
07/26/09 Open Mike (Testimonies) Body Ministry
07/19/09 Sheppard's Jesse Meerman
07/12/09 Church Camp Message Tim Hall
07/05/10 The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit:  Gifts Of Faith & Healing/Miracles Calvin Bergsma
06/28/09 The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit:  Word Of Knowledge & Wisdom & Discerning Of Spirits - Part 4 Calvin Bergsma
06/23/09 Pastor Abraham From India Pastor Abraham
06/21/09 The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit:  Tongues & Interpretation/Prophecy - Part 3 Calvin Bergsma
06/14/09 The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit:  Tongues & Interpretation/Prophecy - Part 2 Calvin Bergsma
06/07/09 The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit:  Have You Received Since You First Believed?  - Part 1 Calvin Bergsma
05/31/09 Equipping The Saints:  Food And Water Tim Hall
05/24/09 God's Plan For Healing Tim Hall
05/17/09 God's Rest Tim Hall
05/10/09 The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength Calvin Bergsma
05/03/09 Hope In The Midst Of Hardship Keith Hoffman
04/19/09 Prison Of Fear Calvin Bergsma
04/12/09 Passover Sacrifice Tim Hall
03/29/09 The Doctrines of the Laying on of Hands   (Part 2) Commissioned for Service Calvin Bergsma
03/22/09 The Doctrines of the Laying on of Hands   (Part 1) The Importance of a Touch  Calvin Bergsma
03/15/09 Finding Our Paths Calvin Bergsma
03/08/09 Treasure Hunters   Calvin Bergsma
03/01/09 The Anointing Tim Hall
02/22/09 Seek Set and Dwell   Harold Hall
02/15/09 Strength Without Control Calvin Bergsma
02/08/09 Adam ver. 1.0   Tim Hall
02/01/09 Teen Challenge Testimonies Teen Challenge
01/25/09 Asking for a Double Portion  Calvin Bergsma
01/18/09 What are your Loaves and Fishes Tim Hall
01/11/09 Walking With God  Harold  Hall
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01/04/09 Walking in Perilous Times with Peace Calvin Bergsma
12/14/08 The Prophesies Are True  Harold  Hall
12/07/08 Where Are You From? Tim Hall
11/30/08 Maintaining Good Works  Harold  Hall
11/23/08 Thankful Always Calvin Bergsma
11/16/08 Church Family  Tim Hall
11/09/08 Possessing Our Inheritance  Leon Dehaan
11/02/08 Keeping Love Alive   Calvin Bergsma
10/26/08 Tabernacle and Offerings  Tim Hall
10/19/08 A Woman of Faith   Harold Hall
10/12/08 Praise and Worship  Calvin Bergsma
10/05/08 Tongues - Use for Today   Tim Hall
09/28/08 Faith for Today and Tomorrow  Harold Hall
09/21/08 Dealing with Anxiety   Calvin Bergsma
09/14/08 Baptism in the Holy Spirit  Tim Hall
09/07/08 Parenting is Personal   Harold Hall
08/31/08 Open Mic  Body Ministry
08/24/08 Spiritual Weapons for Spiritual Warfare   Calvin Bergsma
08/17/08 Spiritual Warfare (Overview of the Battle)  Calvin Bergsma
08/10/08 Re-establishing the Finish Line   Tim Hall
08/03/08 Walking In The Kingdom  Harold Hall
07/27/08 Church Dedication Service   Calvin Bergsma
07/20/08 This We Believe  Harold Hall
07/13/08 Church Campout Message   Tim Hall
07/07/08 It Matters What You Believe  Harold Hall
06/29/08 Learning to Walk in Righteousness (Project Rehab Message)  Calvin Bergsma
06/29/08 Compassion...The Motivation for Ministry  Calvin Bergsma
06/22/08 Walking Out The Blessing  Tim Hall
06/15/08 Thoughts For Fathers  Harold Hall
06/08/08 Effective Prayer  Pastor Abraham
06/01/08 You Love & Protect What You Value  Calvin Bergsma
05/25/08 Open Mic  Body Ministry
05/18/08 What About Me?  Tim Hall
05/11/08 Comfort My People  Harold Hall
05/04/08 What do You Want to be When You Grow Up  Calvin Bergsma
04/27/08 Planting On Purpose  Tim Hall
04/20/08 Grow in Faith  Harold Hall
04/13/08 Patience  Calvin Bergsma
04/06/08 Managing Change  Tim Hall
03/30/08 Serving With Grace  Harold Hall
03/23/08 Seeing With Resurrection Eyes  Calvin Bergsma
03/16/08 The Suffering of Jesus  Tim Hall
03/09/08 The Temptation of Jesus  Harold Hall
03/03/08 Who Are You  Calvin Bergsma
02/24/08 Raising Leaders  Tim Hall
02/17/08 Discernment (Detecting the Counterfeit)  Calvin Bergsma
02/03/08 Vision  Tim Hall
01/27/08 Running The Race Leon DeHaan
01/20/08 God's Leads Us Harold Hall
01/13/08 Teaching to Teach Calvin Bergsma
01/06/08 Intentional Christianity Tim Hall
12/30/07 Do You Feel Insignificant?  Calvin Bergsma
12/23/07 Is There Room For Jesus?  Calvin Bergsma
12/16/07 Depression and Isolation  Tim Hall
12/09/07 Spiritual Maturity (Part 3)  Calvin Bergsma
12/02/07 Jesus' Prayer  Harold Hall
11/25/07 Thanksgiving in Tough Times  Loie Bergsma
11/18/07 Spiritual Maturity (Part 2)  Calvin Bergsma
11/18/07 Project Rehab  Calvin Bergsma
11/11/07 Thankfullness  Tim Hall
11/04/07 The Most Humble Man on Earth  Harold Hall
10/28/07 Spiritual Maturity (Part 1)  Calvin Bergsma
10/21/07 Open Mic  Body Ministry
10/14/07 Self Sacrifice  Tim Hall
10/07/07 GCF Ground Breaking  Calvin Bergsma
09/30/07 The Old Story  Harold Hall
09/23/07 You Can Be In  Tim Hall
09/16/07 Spiritual Gifts are Within Your Reach Calvin Bergsma
09/09/07 Living With A Secret Calvin Bergsma
09/02/07 Communion of the Bread and Cup Jim Clark
08/26/07 Open Sharing Body Ministry
08/19/07 Distinguishing Tongues Jim Clark
08/12/07 Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom Tim Hall
08/05/07 Gift Management Calvin Bergsma
07/29/07 I Wish I Was A Liver Tim Hall
07/22/07 Claiming The Kingdom Harold Hall
07/15/07 Vision Equals Life Calvin Bergsma
06/24/07 The Importance Of Water Baptism  Calvin Bergsma
06/17/07 Spiritual Discernment Tim Hall
06/10/07 Yoked Together With Jesus  Harold Hall
06/03/07 Dealing With Pressure Calvin Bergsma
05/20/07 Reconciliation Tim Hall
05/13/07 Mothers' Day Message Calvin Bergsma
05/06/07 Rewards for Christian Service Harold Hall
04/29/07 Life Victorious  Tim Hall
04/22/07 There's More  Harold Hall
04/15/07 Your Personal Pentecost  Calvin Bergsma
04/08/07 Resurrection Power  Tim Hall
04/01/07 Walking in the Light  Harold Hall
03/25/07 About a Broken Heart  Calvin Bergsma
03/18/07 Family Under Attack  Tim Hall
03/11/07 God's Plan  Loie Bergsma
03/04/07 Pastor Abraham From India   Missionary Visit
02/11/07 Thanks for the Blood  Harold Hall
01/28/07 Do You Know Your Spiritual Need?  Calvin Bergsma
01/21/07 Combating Deception  Tim Hall
01/14/07 Teen Challenge  Body Ministry
01/07/07 Jesus In The Passover  Harold Hall
12/31/06 Recognizing the Times and Seasons  Calvin Bergsma
12/24/06 Jesus The New Judge  Tim Hall
12/24/06 Testimony by Jim Clark  Body Ministry
12/10/06 Testimony by Becky Clark  Body Ministry
12/17/06 Jesus  The Good Shepherd  Harold Hall
12/10/06 Who Is Jesus?  Loie Bergsma
12/03/06 A Godly Genealogy (Attitudes also have Descendants)  Calvin Bergsma
12/03/06 Testimony by Jeff Hall  Body Ministry
11/26/06 Making Ourselves Available For God's Use  Jim Clark
11/19/06 Open Mic  Body Ministry
11/12/06 Healing   Harold Hall
11/05/06 Family - The Fabric of Society    Calvin Bergsma
10/29/06 National Morality and Personal Responsibility  Tim Hall
10/22/06 Show Mercy  Leon DeHaan
10/15/06 Heaven's Horticulture  Calvin Bergsma
10/08/06 Christian Duty to our Fellow Man  Tim Hall
10/01/06 Grace  Harold Hall
09/24/06 Take Heed That You Not Be Deceived  Loie Bergsma
09/17/06 Wrestling With God  Calvin Bergsma
09/10/06 What Kind of Witness Are You  Tim Hall
08/27/06 Praise the Language of Faith  Calvin Bergsma
08/20/06 Prayer and Fasting  Jim Clark
08/13/06 The Soul as the Battle Ground of Life  Tim Hall
08/06/06 We All Deny Christ but He Offers Restoration   (With testimony by Carly Bergsma  Calvin Bergsma
07/30/06 Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right Or Do They?  Harold Hall
07/23/06 God's Plan for Israel  Tim Hall
07/16/06 Open Mic. Sharing  Body Ministry
07/02/06 Why Do We Stop?   (Examination of various transitions in leadership)   Calvin Bergsma
04/16/06 Resurrection Morning Perspective  Calvin Bergsma
08/28/05 Your Life's Trajectory  Calvin Bergsma

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